Frisoni su Artsy

This “title” has now entered usual language but for me it is not usual at all.
Street View for me is a way of feeling as well as seeing.
The street has always been the place of my artistic research, with its normality that is exceptional when you stop to look at it, look at the lights, the contrasts, the perspectives.
It is a magical place, I dare say fantastic, a place out of the ordinary. It is in perpetual transformation, however still. It is life unfolding, full of different histories.
And then there’s us.
This is the real difference.
A “Me” that lives and crosses streets, sidewalks, buildings, squares.
Places (un)usual, removed from the permanence of their being, which become dynamic because they are finally seen and experienced, crossed by the various lives on their way.
A dynamism that becomes expression, becomes color, a story to see and tell.